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About Micro Service - The Company

MICRO SERVICE has been providing high quality thin film products to the medical, military and telecommunication industries for sixteen years.

MICRO SERVICE specializes in thin film microwave components.

Quality Control

MICRO SERVICE is committed to high quality. All process steps are carefully monitored by the Quality Control Department. All parts are 100% inspected and final tested prior to shipment. A certification of compliance is included with each shipment. The following specifications are followed:

MIL I-45208

Quality Control Inspection

MIL Q-9858A

Quality Program Requirements


Inspection System Requirements

MIL R-55342

Metal Film Performance

MIL 883B

Test Methods/Procedures/Microelectronics

MIL 1772

Certification Requirements/Hybrids

MIL C-675C

Coating of Glass Optical Elements

MIL C-48497

Durability Requirements for Coatings


The MICRO SERVICE facility is MIL I-45208 qualified and includes all the precision quality control test equipment necessary so that each production run meets specifications. The modern facility has 3,000 sq. ft. with class 100 K clean rooms to insure quality integrity.



A technician inspects 60" metallized catheter tubing. Cleanroom precision and quality control are normal operating procedures to meet our customer's needs.

TELIC delivers high performance metallic coatings for your products. The electronics and semiconductor industries for years have used micro-thin high performance coatings in fabricating their products to:

  • Miniaturize with improved perfomance.
  • Increase precision and density.
  • Incorporate rare metals efficiently.

Through its CROSS-TECH program, TELIC's expertise is now available to medical device manufacturers. Isn't it time you looked into putting this proven technology to work to meet your design challenges? Medical and surgical device manufacturers, striving for miniaturization and versatility in their products, are seeking new solutions to their design constraints. TELIC's custom thin film metallizing service may offer the answer you're looking for. Using patented vacuum coating methodology, TELIC has met the coating needs of customers for over twenty-five years through dedication to the highest level of quality and customer service- starting with on time deliveies.

We process a wide varity of substrates with high-adhesion coatings in the 100 Angstrom to one micron range. All produced in a Class 100 clean room to eliminate defects and meet regulatory requirements.

Call us for a consultation regarding your product development objectives...whether intravascular catheters, biocompatible implants, sensors, optical fibers, or a new device you'r just beginning to think adout! We'll be delighted to fill you in on what we can do for you.

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